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Latent Spaces by Lighthouse of Digital Art

This is what awaits you

A small gallery where we present you a selection of seven different themes that we have created using different AI tools over the last few months.  

About the AI gallery

Latent Spaces

In the year 2022 we are experiencing an unprecedented rush in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and tools.

AI already permeates our daily life, with it being used to process data and provide tools such as better translators, synthetic voices and chatbots, driverless vehicles, Smart Homes and so on.

As we perceive the world through our senses, we are prone to using our imagination by following certain constraints of “possibility”. We want to think of artificial intelligence as a tool to overcome such limitations and give us a different point of view. 

The machine doesn’t know what is “possible”, therefore it slides easily over the fringe of what we consider “normal”, and by doing so, it fuels the ability of the artist to reach the cognitive emotion of surprise.

In the past couple of years, AI and ML have started to infiltrate the visual art world, as many AI tools and models have been released to the public, creating a whole movement of AI artists and “synthetic” art.

The process of creating AI artwork consists, for the most part, of describing in words the desired artwork, and giving the algorithm the task of developing the art itself. An example instruction could be: “A beautiful painting of a farmhouse in Tuscany, painted by Michelangelo”, and the algorithm would then output a digital image of our description.

This is only possible thanks to previous training time, in which we let the AI “train” itself with a database of pictures supplied by the artist or scraped from the Internet. 

In this exhibition “Latent Spaces” we present a selection of unaltered results of various AI creative tools that we have researched and utilized in the past months.