Particle Poetry

by Flightgraf


Commissioned Lighthouse of Digital Art

This is what awaits you

a 45-minute multidimedia show in a unique immersive space experience.
Experience our new immersive show “Particle Poetry” by Flightgraf.

About Particle Poetry

Particle Poetry: an exploration of the relationship between the smallest matter in the universe, its visualization and the impact on our daily lives. 

Particle Poetry is an audio-visual journey into the characterization of an intangible matter that defines our lives and existence. We provide multiple interpretations of the impact and representation in space and portray this seemingly invisible matter on our canvases.

What is the world actually made of? What are we actually formed of? The short answer is: out of matter, out of elementary particles.

Among them there are two kinds: matter particles and force particles. Matter particles are the building materials of the matter. Everything is made up of them. Quarks and leptoms fall under this category. These objects are needed for the existence of all possible things. Everything is composed of this: stars, planets and you as well. And, finally, even thoughts which we have. A single particle does not think, but the composition from these and their interactions let thoughts arise.

So that these particles stick together at all, it needs the second sort: the bosons, the force particles. It can also be assumed that elementary particles have no inner structure.

You already realize that it is rather complicated and seemingly intangible.

And, nevertheless, this small matter is everywhere, at all times.

Our artwork explores how these particles without structure affect the space of our exhibition. We explore how the smallest matter without structure could be represented artistically. How does it behave in space? How do forces act? And, what does this representation trigger in you?

Our machine-created visualizations represent the hidden layers of humanity and our planets that might otherwise remain invisible. Rather, Particle Poetry sets up an artistic elaboration and interpretation of the tiniest thing in infinity.

Abotut the Artists

FLIGHTGRAF is an Audio-Visual Unit based in Tokyo. Part of this unit are Kento Tomiyoshi and Makoto Shozu. 

Since 2013 it has been creating installation artworks by making full use of pictures, sound and light, and its purpose is to let the audience experience a highly vicarious world of installation.
It won the grand prize in 1minute Projection Mapping in 2013, and after that, received numerous awards in international competitions such as Circle of Light in Russia, Genius Loci Weimar in Germany, and iMAPP in Rumania.

Here you get more information about the artists.